“The cashback yield guarantee is designed to give UK growers confidence in the ability of Hyvido hybrid barley to deliver excellent yields,” explains Mark Bullen, seeds and seedcare campaign manager for Syngenta.

“Details of how the guarantee works are available at www.syngenta.co.uk/cbyg but broadly if Hyvido doesn’t yield at least 0.5 t/ha more than conventional varieties on independently-monitored reference fields, growers stand to receive a pay-out for their eligible registered Hyvido crops. I’d urge farmers who are growing Hyvido to visit the website for the full details and terms and conditions, and where they can also register to take part.

“The guarantee uses reference fields to measure the yield of Hyvido because it simply wouldn’t be possible to monitor yields on every field of individual growers.

“This is the fourth season the Hyvido cashback yield guarantee has been run. It has been very popular with growers over the years, and Hyvido hybrid barley now accounts for about a quarter of the UK’s winter barley area.

“In addition to its high yield, its resilience to different growing environments, together with its competitive growth against black-grass, due to its hybrid vigour, also make Hyvido a highly attractive crop to grow,” Mr Bullen adds.