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Arable farming operations resumed at record pace

Arable Last edited 07/05/20
Hadlow Estate farm team work around the clock to sow crops following record wet weather.

Fieldwise LIVE brings national trials to your screen

Arable Last edited 07/05/20
The only difference will be the way in which results are shared.

Revus shows strength against aggressive blight strains

Arable Last edited 06/05/20
With potato planting continuing apace, growers minds will soon turn to blight.

Yellow rust – monitor and act to prevent yield losses

Arable Last edited 06/05/20
With reports of yellow rust coming in thick and fast from the field, Limagrain’s pathologist, Paul Fenwick, gives his views on how this will play out in terms of resistance ratings and threat for the rest of the spring.

Cover crops could benefit hop soils

Arable Last edited 04/05/20
Cover crops are an increasingly popular way of improving soil health on many farms, and now agronomy firm Hutchinsons is investigating the benefits they could deliver to hop-growing sites.

Spring cereals emerge to BYDV threat

Arable Last edited 04/05/20
This season’s vast area of spring sown cereals face emerging to an almost instant intense and prolonged risk of BYDV infection.

Reducing spray drift

Arable Last edited 01/05/20
New application results point way to higher yields and reduced spray drift.

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