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Day degrees point to BYDV triggers

Arable Last edited 22/10/20
Early drilled crops growing quickly are now under increasing pressure of BYDV secondary spread. The calculation of 170 day degrees from emergence for the onset of spread has now elapsed for all early sown crops, and increasing as the season progresses. Syngenta Technical Manager, Dr Max Newbert, highlights some of the watch out points for growers and agronomy actions.

Beware of higher than normal BYDV risk

Arable Last edited 22/10/20
The BYDV risk is likely to be elevated this season as a consequence of several issues, says Neil Watson, technical support manager for Hutchinsons.

Professional Adviser training programme

Arable Last edited 07/10/20
The very first national Level 6 Degree agronomy training programme for the Professional Adviser Standard has been launched by leading crop production specialists, Hutchinsons.

Persistent wind disrupts pre-emergence application

Arable Last edited 05/10/20
Advice on how to mitigate the issues of the increasing challenges of wind disrupting all important pre-emergence herbicide applications with nozzle selection and adapting spraying techniques.

Count the days to CSFB larvae control

Arable Last edited 05/10/20
Syngenta Technical Manager, Dr Max Newbert, outlines how using Growing Degree Days to calculate larvae movement can accurately predict for the optimum date to start Hallmark Zeon treatment .

Harvest report

Arable Last edited 23/09/20
What a difference a year makes!

Don’t let phosphate deficiency stifle wheat potential

Arable Last edited 20/08/20
Lack of phosphate could be limiting yield potential in many wheat crops, even some of the best. Hutchinsons crop nutrition manager Tim Kerr examines what can be done about it this autumn.

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