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2014 - An old fashioned summer at last

Arable Last edited 08/08/14
Alan Abel from Complete Weed Control gives his monthly advice on what to look out for

Desiccation timing to manage tuber size

Arable Last edited 08/08/14
Potato crops have enjoyed extremely good growing conditions across most of the UK this season

Watch out now for flea beetle numbers

Arable Last edited 08/08/14
Keep an eye on volunteer rape now emerging in stubbles

Consider forage crops instead of drilling cereals

Arable Last edited 08/08/14
Growing grass and forage crops could alleviate some of the pain of low cereal prices and resistant blackgrass

Don’t let black-grass through the gate

Arable Last edited 08/08/14
Farmers without black-grass have heard enough stories by now to know it won’t be a welcome addition to their rotation plans, nor would those with susceptible black-grass want a resistant strain adding to their problems.

Manage stale seedbeds to maximise black-grass kill

Arable Last edited 07/08/14
Stale seedbeds will be a crucial weapon in the fight against black-grass this season.

OSR exports get underway

Arable Last edited 07/08/14
One of the first oilseed rape exports of harvest 2014 left the UK this week in what is expected to mark the start to a busy export season for merchants and traders.

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