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Harvest record for Berkshire farm

Arable Last edited 02/09/14
For the first time in many years, Randall Farms Ltd near Maidenhead in Berkshire finished its wheat harvest by the end of July.

Nearly full in record time

Arable Last edited 02/09/14
This year the first load of oilseed rape was delivered to Weald Granary in Kent at the end of June, one calendar month earlier than last year.

Black grass favours damaged soils

Arable Alice Dyer Last edited 02/09/14
If black grass is not managed appropriately, the weed will eventually mainly be biotypes which are resistant to herbicides.

Keep track of mycotoxin risk right up to harvest

Arable Last edited 08/08/14
With the winter wheat harvest well underway, HGCA is reminding growers to keep track of rainfall for their mycotoxin risk assessment following the onset of more unsettled weather including the potential for very heavy rain this weekend.

Still chance to spray persistent weeds in grassland

Arable Last edited 08/08/14
Perennial weeds like docks and thistles are more visible than usual in grass fields at the moment

Non GN barley varieties are the way forward to meet ever increasing distilling demand

Arable Last edited 08/08/14
The importance of supplying non-glycosidic nitrile (GN) varieties to the market that could meet the needs of both distilling and brewing

2014 - An old fashioned summer at last

Arable Last edited 08/08/14
Alan Abel from Complete Weed Control gives his monthly advice on what to look out for

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