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European farmers maintain excellent safety record on food production

Arable Last edited 18/03/15
The Crop Protection Association (CPA) has welcomed the findings of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) 2013 annual report on pesticide residues in food, which has shown residue compliance rates above 97%, maintaining the excellent levels of compliance demonstrated over the preceding two years.


Arable Last edited 11/03/15
The Lettuce Company in Kent is looking for a full time tractor driver to join their dedicated team.

Losing triazoles is a challenge

Arable Last edited 03/03/15
Oxfordshire cereal farmer Colin Woodward says that traditional cereal fungicide application timings are no longer proving effective at taking out diseases such as septoria, rust and mildew.

From Russia with love

ArableWriters Elved Philips Last edited 13/02/15
As we enter 2015 it is worth noting that Russia has provided most of the fun in grain trading in the last year.

Industry fights to keep sprays

ArableFruit John Harvey Last edited 13/02/15
Farmers are being urged to protest against new European Union rules on pesticides as the industry steps up a big lobbying campaign.

Crops in good condition

ArableWriters Last edited 13/02/15
I seem to start every article with the weather and in the last week I have heard long range forecasts which have predicted the wettest winter on record and the coldest winter on record – which certainly covers the extremes.

Maize is biggest threat to wheat values

ArableWriters Elved Philips Last edited 13/02/15
Another month slips by with the price of feed wheat increasing by £7 per tonne over the period.

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