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Energy grasses for AD production

Arable Last edited 06/01/16
Biogas is one of the fastest growing areas of renewable energy generation.

Energy crop in trials to restore flood plain soils

Arable Last edited 07/12/15
Farmers looking for a crop to grow on flood-prone land, and help improve soils after flooding, as well as provide fuel for biomass, may soon have the answer.

Figures reveal true value of spring barley in black-grass battle

Arable Last edited 12/11/15
Heavy land growers need to re-examine the value of spring barley for controlling black-grass

Huge yield of British milling wheat

Arable Last edited 07/09/15
A crop of Crusoe from New Barn Farm near Chichester, West Sussex may be a new British milling wheat record, yielding 14.3 tonnes a hectare.

Maize boom challenged

Arable Last edited 20/07/15
Soil Association challenges the maize boom as soils destroyed and farmers’ livelihoods threatened

A bridge too far?

Arable Elved Philips Last edited 22/06/15
As I write this on 27 May, the news seems to be full of all types of freak weather events: serious flooding in America, record high temperatures in India, very dry weather in Canada and Russia.

Spray docks in silage crops now

Arable Last edited 14/04/15
The best time to tackle dock infestations in silage crops is before first cut

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