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Essex farmer takes top honours for knowledge

Arable Last edited 14/01/16
A passion for agronomy and a thirst for knowledge put Essex farmer James Nott in good stead to succeed when he embarked on the BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection.

Identify your spring barley market

Arable Last edited 08/01/16
Think carefully about your market before committing to a spring barley crop is the advice from Limagrain UK’s cereals product manager, Les Daubney.

Energy grasses for AD production

Arable Last edited 06/01/16
Biogas is one of the fastest growing areas of renewable energy generation.

Energy crop in trials to restore flood plain soils

Arable Last edited 07/12/15
Farmers looking for a crop to grow on flood-prone land, and help improve soils after flooding, as well as provide fuel for biomass, may soon have the answer.

Figures reveal true value of spring barley in black-grass battle

Arable Last edited 12/11/15
Heavy land growers need to re-examine the value of spring barley for controlling black-grass

Huge yield of British milling wheat

Arable Last edited 07/09/15
A crop of Crusoe from New Barn Farm near Chichester, West Sussex may be a new British milling wheat record, yielding 14.3 tonnes a hectare.

Maize boom challenged

Arable Last edited 20/07/15
Soil Association challenges the maize boom as soils destroyed and farmers’ livelihoods threatened

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