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Bud protection to assure pod fulfilment

Arable Last edited 31/03/16
Advice for oilseed rape growers faced with risk of Pollen Beetle damage this spring – the slow up in growth could now leave crops exposed for longer to attacks at the vulnerable green bud stage.

Analyses suggest that OSR crops are short of key nutrients

Arable Last edited 31/03/16
Early season analysis suggests rape crops are running short of MG & K

Opportunity to “damp down” early infections

Arable Last edited 09/03/16
Diseases and thick crops could prompt early fungicide in this year’s winter barley

What’s lurking in your soil?

Arable Last edited 08/03/16
There are an estimated one million species of nematodes worldwide. And, with their combined potential to cause losses of up to $125bn per year, growers can’t underestimate the threat from these soil pests.

Prevention rather than cure will be key to 2016 winter wheat margins

Arable Last edited 01/02/16
Adopting a preventative approach to disease control could be crucial

Essex farmer takes top honours for knowledge

Arable Last edited 14/01/16
A passion for agronomy and a thirst for knowledge put Essex farmer James Nott in good stead to succeed when he embarked on the BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection.

Identify your spring barley market

Arable Last edited 08/01/16
Think carefully about your market before committing to a spring barley crop is the advice from Limagrain UK’s cereals product manager, Les Daubney.

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