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Agronomist help key to making a real difference

Arable Last edited 01/08/16
The ‘Get Pelletwise! Agronomic Updates’ system is live for the 2016 season and crop advisers who are not yet signed up are being encouraged to do so to help make a difference.

Giant black-grass requires lock stock approach

Arable Last edited 01/08/16
With black-grass remaining a big challenge for growers, now it the time to start thinking ahead and planning for next season to reduce the risk of the weed taking hold.

Miscanthus grown from seed available as soon as 2019

Arable Last edited 20/07/16
Establishing miscanthus from seed rather than rhizome has taken a step nearer to commercial reality with field trials of three promising hybrid varieties getting under way this year.

Can you spot cankers?

Arable Last edited 19/07/16
The legacy of last autumn’s high incidence of Phoma is now clearly evident in oilseed rape crops approaching harvest.

Consider nematode testing in rotational decisions

Arable Last edited 19/07/16
A seven-fold increase in soil samples testing positive for root-knot nematodes in cereals indicates that the pest may be more prevalent in the crop than previously thought, according to a leading expert at Fera Science Ltd.

Blackgrass control is a numbers game

Arable Last edited 11/07/16
Blackgrass control is all a numbers game and the best crop to manage the seed burden is spring barley. This is the overriding message to come out of six years of trials and research from Hutchinsons Regional Technology Centre at Brampton.

Brassica alert texts the time for disease treatment

Arable Last edited 06/07/16
With current weather conditions creating another high disease pressure period for brassica crops, growers can once again register for advance warning of key disease risks this season.

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