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Metam application provides opportunity for soil conditioning

Arable Last edited 14/10/16
For many potato growers the concept of sterilising soil for Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) control, and leaving it bare over the winter until the next crop goes in, is standard practise. However more often than not this results in detrimental soil erosion as the adverse winter conditions take their toll, which has led one firm to look at what can be done to readdress this.

BYDV risk hots up

Arable Last edited 20/09/16
Infection levels were among the highest on record last year – with a legacy of pathogen carried over in lush green bridge stubbles designed to encourage blackgrass to chit. Max Newbert highlights key control strategies for growers and agronomists.

Effective slug control strategies

Arable Last edited 14/09/16
Wet weather this summer in many parts of the UK has led to large slug populations and means growers need to be extra vigilant in monitoring crops for damage from slugs to ensure crops are protected during early stages of growth.

Resist early drilling temptation where black-grass threatens

Arable Last edited 09/09/16
Growers must hold-off drilling winter wheat on land affected by black-grass for at least another month or risk fire-fighting this pernicious weed for the rest of the season. That is the warning from Hutchinsons technical manager Dick Neale who says many growers still fail to recognise the importance of delayed drilling in controlling black-grass.

N and P for Oilseed Rape establishment

Arable Last edited 05/09/16
The concept of placing the autumn N and P fertiliser alongside the seed is being widely adopted and generally accepted as best practice

Fast desiccation cuts tuber blight spread

Arable Last edited 17/08/16
With the intense blight pressure this season hot spots of infection have popped up in most potato crops. While hot dry weather in the south has dried up infections, repeated rain showers in the north has perpetuated blight pressure. But in both instances the high risk of tuber blight remains. Syngenta Technical Manager, Douglas Dyas, has highlighted the importance of effective desiccation programmes and advice for growers to minimise the risk to harvested tubers.

Autumn heads up for potential LLS threat

Arable Last edited 09/08/16
It might sound a bit early to start thinking of autumn disease control strategies but that is what growers are being advised to do after high levels of light leaf spot (LLS) were observed at Bayer’s Hinton Waldrist demo site.

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