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Blackgrass control is a numbers game

Arable Last edited 11/07/16
Blackgrass control is all a numbers game and the best crop to manage the seed burden is spring barley. This is the overriding message to come out of six years of trials and research from Hutchinsons Regional Technology Centre at Brampton.

Brassica alert texts the time for disease treatment

Arable Last edited 06/07/16
With current weather conditions creating another high disease pressure period for brassica crops, growers can once again register for advance warning of key disease risks this season.

Improving oilseed rape profitability

Arable Last edited 23/06/16
Choosing an OSR variety with a high oil output can make a real difference to profitability in challenging market conditions, and should be one of the first considerations when choosing an OSR variety this autumn, says David Leaper of Agrii.

Opportunities offered by newer OSR varieties

Arable Last edited 14/06/16
OSR genetics have much to offer growers who are looking to maximise returns through their variety choices this coming autumn, says Lee Bennett, head of seed business at Openfield.

Potato parasite’s ‘toolkit’ revealed

Arable Last edited 14/06/16
Parasitic nematode worms are the 'hidden enemy’ of farmers world-wide, causing billions of pounds worth of crop damage every year.

RGT Planet gains full IBD approval for brewing

Arable Last edited 06/06/16
RGT Planet, the highest yielding spring barley on the Recommended List, has received full approval for brewing on the 2017 Institute of Brewing and Distilling list.

Mites – the most common pest of stored grain – must be controlled

Arable Last edited 31/05/16
Poor store hygiene can lead to mite and pest attacks of stored grain, which spoils quality, can lead to between 5% and 10% total crop loss or even lead to complete crop rejection

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