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Simple spraying guidelines for better disease control

Arable Last edited 30/04/21
With T1 wheat applications expected to begin in earnest the week after next, this timely reminder highlights some key points to help growers significantly improve control for very little outlay at this spray timing and the key T2 disease control programme in a few weeks.

Use foliar N on spring wheat for maximum returns

Arable Last edited 30/04/21
How farmers growing spring wheat this year should consider applying foliar nitrogen to improve crop efficiencies and boost protein content in milling varieties.

AHDB recruits two new Strategic Cereal Farms

Arable Last edited 07/04/21
Two new farmers have joined AHDB’s Strategic Cereal Farm network in an expansion of the Farm Excellence programme to both the South and North of England.

Spring seed considerations

Arable Last edited 07/01/21
David Bouch, Hutchinsons National Seeds Manager, provides his thoughts on spring 2021 and recommendations for spring seed varieties.

Survey shows control of rising wild oat populations still possible

Arable Last edited 21/12/20
Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of wild oats popping up across UK cereal fields. As it has been over twenty years since the last wild oat survey, NIAB and off-patent crop protection manufacturer Life Scientific, came together over the summer, to offer UK growers and advisers free wild oat resistance testing.

BYDV risk remains high - be vigilant

Arable Last edited 11/12/20
Just when you would assume the potential risk from BYDV is receding, it is doing the exact opposite, warns Neil Watson, technical support manager for Hutchinsons.

Aphid and powdery mildew control to get easier

Arable Last edited 27/11/20
Trials conducted by crop production specialists Hutchinsons highlight the most effective control options for aphids in brussel sprouts and powdery mildew in kale.

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