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Room for improvement in slug control strategies

Arable Last edited 13/08/21
A survey of UK arable growers has highlighted the need for greater accuracy when applying slug pellets, with application timing one of the biggest improvements needed to tackle a burgeoning slug population.

Top disease in oilseed rape

Arable Last edited 12/08/21
“If you were asked what the most common disease in oilseed rape was, what would you say?”

Maintain disease vigilance to point of carrot harvest

Arable Last edited 04/08/21
Even at this late stage in proceedings new infections can still have a significant impact on crop yield and quality.

Verticillium stripe - reliant on resistant varieties

Arable Last edited 02/08/21
Plant pathologist Dr. Faye Ritchie of ADAS Boxworth warns that verticillium levels were high this year with clear differences between susceptible varieties and resistant ones in the field.

Top tips for feeding this year’s silage

Arable Last edited 02/08/21
Dairy farmers across the UK and Ireland are being encouraged to analyse their forages regularly during feed-out, to ensure rations meet performance targets and support rumen health.

Companion cropping option for Rape

Arable Last edited 27/07/21
Procam Agronomist Hall Charlton goes through a few key species used in companion crops.

Recent storms showcase value of pod shatter resistance

Arable Last edited 27/07/21
Recent very heavy rain and hailstone storms have wrecked havoc with many oilseed rape crops resulting in unnecessary yield losses just before harvest.

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