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Trials show value of integrated approach amid higher disease pressure

Arable Last edited 11/07/19
The value of using a robust fungicide programme and selecting varieties with good disease resistance has been clearly demonstrated in Hutchinsons trials near Carlisle.

Include zoxamide in all blight control programmes

Arable Last edited 25/06/19
Recent conditions have favoured potato blight, with Hutton periods being recorded across the country.

Social media alerts growers to moth invasion

Arable Last edited 24/06/19
An influx of diamondback moths have landed in the UK which may be comparable to the infestation that occurred in 2016, which led to the devastation of high-value vegetable crops.

New winter barley varieties set to rival old favourites

Arable Last edited 24/06/19
Winter barley growers have increased options this autumn, with a number of new varieties on the 2019 AHDB Recommended List showing they can compete with some of the established favourites.

New ‘early warning system’ finds blackgrass evolving resistance to glyphosate

Arable Last edited 12/06/19
Scientists studying herbicide resistance in blackgrass have detected clear signs that reduced sensitivity to glyphosate is evolving in the field.

Weather low a trigger for high Fusarium threat?

Arable Last edited 07/06/19
A revised weather forecast has revised the Fusarium threat for wheat crops!

Controlling docks between silage cuts

Arable Last edited 07/06/19
Grassland farmers may need to tackle dock infestations in silage fields in the next few weeks.

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