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Wheat bulb fly pressure stays low in 2018

Arable Last edited 09/10/18
It is one of the lowest-risk years for wheat bulb fly (WBF) since monitoring began, according to the final results from the AHDB autumn survey of the pest.

Extra boost to post-em blackgrass control

Arable Last edited 09/10/18
Additional blackgrass control can be achieved in winter wheat by including Xerton (ethofumesate) as part of a post-emergence follow-up application.

Optimise late drilling, starting with variety choice

Arable Last edited 08/10/18
Select the right winter wheat variety for the late drilling slot to avoid unnecessary yield penalties.

Go back to basics to improve fertiliser efficiency

Arable Last edited 08/10/18
As fertilisers are one of the biggest costs on farm, one biological farming expert offers advice on improving soil health to help growers get the most out of their crop nutrition.

Importance of seed rates in meeting yield potential

Arable Last edited 08/10/18
Seed rates play critical role in fulfilling wheat yield potential.

Variable OSR growth creates autumn fungicide challenge

Arable Last edited 08/10/18
Early disease pressure in oilseed rape is much lower than last year due to dry conditions during August and early September, but variable growth will complicate autumn spray decisions, agronomy firm Hutchinsons says.

Best practice advice for profitable second wheats

Arable Last edited 28/09/18
Dr Paul Fogg, explains that getting second wheats off to the best possible start this autumn will be key along with cultivation choice, fertiliser regimes and managing the risks of soil borne diseases.

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