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The perfect storm

Arable Last edited 29/09/21
Septoria’s resurgence in 2021.

Early disease control in OSR

Arable Last edited 22/09/21
Use disease risk forecasts to plan appropriate and timely spray programmes for oilseed rape crops this autumn is the advice of Dr David Ellerton, technical director with Hutchinsons.

Moisture creates opportunity for late drilled oilseed rape

Arable Last edited 21/09/21
With soils still warm and moist from this year’s summer rainfall, there are still good opportunities for later drilled oilseed rape to establish well, says Liam Wilkinson, arable development officer for breeders Limagrain UK.

Reduce the risk of mycotoxins in maize silage this season

Arable Last edited 16/09/21
Take steps to minimise waste and preserve maximum quality.

Trials highlight ticking time-bomb for seed disease resurgence

Arable Last edited 16/09/21
A seed disease resurgence trial by Bayer has recorded exceptional levels of bunt in untreated farm saved seed plots in year two of a five-year trial, with experts cautioning against growing untreated seed crops without first testing to determine disease presence.

Catch and cover crop choices play part in Sustainable Farming Initiative

Arable Last edited 20/08/21
When any new technique is employed its initial benchmark for success is a measure of the financial return it provides over the technique it replaces or enhances. In that respect cover crops have had a rocky start in their introduction to UK agriculture, explains Dick Neale, technical manager for Hutchinsons.

Beetle hits at OSR emergence prevents damage

Arable Last edited 13/08/21
Trials have demonstrated the importance of early cabbage stem flea beetle controls to minimise damage and limit later larvae populations

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