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Stop chickweed taking over the grass in fields this spring

Arable Last edited 11/03/19
Treat chickweed now and reseed any bare patches.

Take early action on maize weeds

Arable Last edited 05/03/19
Maize growers this season will have impending challenges of herbicide active restrictions being imposed. Growers and agronomists will have to look closer at tailoring appropriate tank mixes to weed issues, and improve application techniques to get the best possible results from each treatment.

Trial plots point to better Ramularia reduction from earlier fungicide spray

Arable Last edited 01/03/19
New results from trials suggest barley growers looking to boost control of the growing problem of Ramularia spotting could do so by shifting a key fungicide used against the disease to an earlier timing in the spray programme.

Keep early N in the rooting zone to cut losses

Arable Last edited 01/03/19
Many crops have received an early does of N during the mild late-February spell but most crops don’t need a lot this early, and probably won’t need much for a while yet. Agrovista technical manager Chris Martin believes up to half that applied so far could be wasted.

Advanced black-grass needs immediate treatment

Arable Last edited 27/02/19
A snapshot survey of fields in England shows that black-grass is already tillered and needs further control as soon as possible.

Students tackle spring cropping Cereals Challenge

Arable Last edited 26/02/19
Students from around the country are competing in the 2019 Cereals Challenge to see which team can grow the best “virtual” crop of spring barley to manage problematic black-grass.

Role of companion crops in Clearfield rape

Arable Last edited 26/02/19
The role of companion crops in Clearfield rape to minimise Cabbage Stem Flea beetle damage.

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