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Switch to Alkagrain delivers significant savings

Arable Last edited 29/07/19
Replacing bought in compound feed with Alkagrain has helped dairyman John Sandercock cut his milking herd feed costs by more than £400 a month.

Back to basics for Phoma stem canker

Arable Last edited 26/07/19
Neil Groom, technical director for Grainseed, is of the view that we need to go back to basics when thinking about Phoma and how to minimise losses due to this widespread disease.

Exclusive deal extended

Arable Last edited 17/07/19
Openfield Group Limited, the British farmer-owned co-operative, and the Bristol Port Company have announced that they have agreed to extend their unique working relationship.

Barton opens eyes to black-grass options

Arable Last edited 15/07/19
The Syngenta Barton Black-grass Focus Site is now approaching its third year of harvest results, involving a complex matrix of trials investigating integrated control techniques. It is giving growers a valuable insight into the long-term implications of different options.

New forage inoculant range replaces Biotal brand in the UK

Arable Last edited 11/07/19
New bacteria combination boosts stability and increases flexibility of clamp opening.

Trials show value of integrated approach amid higher disease pressure

Arable Last edited 11/07/19
The value of using a robust fungicide programme and selecting varieties with good disease resistance has been clearly demonstrated in Hutchinsons trials near Carlisle.

Include zoxamide in all blight control programmes

Arable Last edited 25/06/19
Recent conditions have favoured potato blight, with Hutton periods being recorded across the country.

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