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No future with grass weeds on heavy ground

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 01/04/15
Enough of politics and planning, spring has arrived albeit in fits and starts and farming is on the agenda.

Land near Sevenoaks

Property Last edited 01/04/15
For sale

Moving with the times

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 01/04/15
Putting together a community energy scheme which includes solar photovoltaics, wind and hydroelectric systems at Heathfield Park.

Well-known names in the grain business join forces

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 01/04/15
Andrew Morley and Mike Bartter are friends and well known in the world of grain drying and mechanical grain handling.

The girls have surpassed themselves

Writers Alan West Last edited 01/04/15
What a lovely position to be in, the middle of March and lambing finished. With our first grandchild due to arrive between the 17 and 22 March this year, some decisions were made last autumn.

My exposure to chemicals is a worry

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 01/04/15
I hate to think how many hours of “occupational exposure” to glyphosate I have clocked up

Russia is such a basket case

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 01/04/15
Writing this on 23 March, I am pleased to say that we have at last seen the bottom of the wheat market.

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