First Response Group Ltd in Chesham, MTN Fire and Security Ltd in Southampton, and SafeSite Security Solutions in Littlehampton were shortlisted following a tender process by the NFU to establish a directory of CCTV partners across England and Wales.

CCTV partners nationwide will be required to offer a 10% discount to members of the NFU that choose to purchase their products and services.

NFU chief land management adviser Sam Durham, the NFU’s lead on rural crime, said: “We’re delighted to have selected three South East rural property and land security specialists to provide our farmer and grower members with discounted CCTV products and services. This service will mean high demand from our members for increased security to help protect their farms, machinery and equipment in vulnerable locations.”

“We’re very proud to have been chosen as an official NFU CCTV supplier”, said Michael Knibbs, managing director, SafeSite Security Solutions.

“Research carried out by NFU Mutual has revealed that the cost of crime in the countryside is at its highest in five years. Therefore, being vigilant and proactive in protecting your farm, livestock and property is a critical part of rural life.”

The NFU is the largest agricultural trade association in England & Wales, and has a membership of 55,000 farmers and growers.

If you’re a farmer, grower, or own a rural smallholding follow these practical security measures to ensure your property is protected.