Nominated late last year, South Brockwells Farm made it to the final four which then went to the public vote. And vote they did with over 40,000 people saying that their local business should win and in the South East, that was South Brockwells Farm.

South Brockwells Farm are thrilled to have been recognised as a team who are passionate about their community, providing quality service and excellent local produce. If you haven’t yet heard of them, take a look at the website and socials @southbrockwellsfarm where you will see a farm with a difference. As a working farm, established in 1976, they are experts in the field of sheep farming, asparagus and a small but delightful farm shop and butchery but in recent years have diversified further to now include South Brockwells Farm School and mobile farm.

Farming remains and shall remain at the core of what they do but they now have the opportunity to share this and work with children and young people from across Sussex to support their education and wellbeing, teaching them about the role farming plays in their lives and where food comes from. Having won the Uckfield Business of the year award in 2022 and a British Farming award for Diversification in 2022, they are thrilled to continue to build on this success with the Rural Oscar.

As South Brockwells Farm continue to battle with the challenges of working with children and animals (they say don’t work with either right?!) on a working farm, they are looking out for opportunities to work with local businesses and community groups who are as passionate as them to help improve our site so they can continue to meet the demand in the local area and work with as many children and young people from all backgrounds as possible.

Please contact South Brockwells Farm if this sounds like a project you would like to be involved in.

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