Farmers can now apply for free business advice to understand the changes to agricultural support, the potential impact on their business and to identify options to adapt.

Savills food and farming teams are set to deliver the free business advice to farmers across the country as part of the next phase of the Future Farming Resilience Fund.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has committed £32 million to provide support to farmers as they move through the agricultural transition away from the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS).

Savills is working with NIAB and AKC to deliver the support for farmers who receive BPS payments in England, across all sectors. The initiative, which launched this month and will run for two-and-a-half years, will allow farmers to access a one-to-one farm business review, online tools, resources and industry expertise.

The first phase of the initiative saw farmers seek advice on a wide range of topics, including environmental audits, natural capital, diversification, succession planning, joint ventures, development potential, carbon auditing and environmental scheme applications.

Stuart Nicholls of Savills food and farming team in the south east, said: “The changes to agricultural support, together with challenges caused by food supply chain pressures, rising input costs and extreme weather events will require many farmers in England to adapt their business models and carefully consider options for the future. We are very pleased to work alongside NIAB and AKC to deliver the next phase of this important initiative.”

Elizabeth Stockdale, who is co-ordinating the delivery for NIAB, said: “Our support will be open to all farmers throughout England, helping them to increase knowledge about the impacts of changes to direct payments, explore options for farming system change and develop change management skills. There is no single solution and so we will work with farmers to help find the way forward that works for their business.”

To request a farm business review, contact Stuart Nicholls on 07786 944666 or email