A total of 21 reports are available from the 2013 group of Scholars. The reports cover a broad range of topics, from precision agriculture to innovative women in agriculture today and the future succession of family farms.

One of the reports available is written by Davina Fillingham, an agricultural advisor from Yorkshire. Having recently completed her Scholarship she says how her study, titled ‘Precision Agriculture: In the field and Beyond the Farm Gate’, looks at key technologies involved in precision agriculture and how they can be applied to rural land and asset management.

“My study included eight weeks of worldwide travel and I even had the chance to attend the 2013 European Conference on Precision Agriculture in Spain,” says Davina.

“What’s more, the opportunity to travel gave me time away from my day-to-day work and enabled me to meet some of the world leaders in this field. I really hope that my study will help to drive change, and that my recommendations can be used to help and improve the industry.”

Davina will be presenting her full Scholarship findings at the Nuffield Conference along with her 20 fellow Scholars which takes place on 20th-21st November at Ashford International Hotel in Kent.

South East Farmer Online will publish a full write-up of the conference.