The new module, developed by the NIAB training platform, ARTIS, explores in detail the stewardship steps that should be taken when applying these products, while offering BASIS and NRoSO points for participants.

Patrick Mitton, chair of the Nematicide Stewardship Programme (NSP), explains this free module is a welcome addition to the suite of NSP-funded online courses, which aim to ensure these important products are being used responsibly.

“The course is suitable for all farm staff and operators who apply nematicides, to ensure that they’re applied efficiently, accurately and safely,” he says.

“The module explains how to reduce the risk to the operator. It also explores how to minimise the environmental impact of nematicides, including implementing an environmental checklist, the process of cleaning down the equipment and post application field assessment,” he says.

By commissioning this project, the NSP aims to help raise awareness of the NSP protocol among a wide range of people and ensure that a permanent training resource is available.

“These products are vital to the UK potato industry and by adopting these practices we hope that they will be available for many seasons to come,” says Patrick.

To sign up to the granule nematicide e-learning course visit the NSP website: