Following a wet spring which delayed turnout by a number of weeks, James Hastings-Molyneux, UFAC business manager for the Midlands and South East, has stressed the importance of keeping cows on track.

“Normally at this time of year we would be looking at butterfats, ensuring a smooth transition to spring grazing, but we are also facing the challenge of a lack of energy,” he said.

Early grazing data highlights that energy is limited for grazing animals, with milk yield from grazing (MYFG) values continuing to fall, which could be problematic for spring calving herds turning fresh cows out. With early grass having a very low dry matter content this year, and energy levels lower than usual, dry matter intakes will also be limited.

A family-owned business and Southern Farmers supplier, UFAC-UK manufactures specialist energy, protein and omega 3 supplements, with particular expertise in the use of oils, fats, amino acids and liquid sugars. To help support nutrition at spring turnout, UFAC has created specialist balanced fatty acid supplements:

For butterfat production, James recommends Buta-Cup Extra. With 75% C16 fat coming from both sustainably sourced palm oils and fats from vegetable sources to support butterfat production, Buta-Cup Extra contains three times the energy content of carbohydrate-based feeds such as cereals and beet pulp.

“It can be fed with no risk of acidosis, and the inclusion of glycerine has a direct effect on fat digestion by the cow, meaning more of the energy is used and less wasted. Glycerine is also an effective preservative, helping improve TMR preservatives,” said James.

To provide additional energy, James suggests feeding Envirolac, which is designed to increase dietary energy density (with 29.8ME/kg DM).

“Envirolac is the solution for dairy farmers conscious of their environmental sustainability, as it is proven to increase milk yields and quality while offering a lower carbon footprint than palm oil-based supplements,” James explained.

“It helps optimise rumen fermentation and prime liver function in order to increase milk yield and constituents and improve cow health and fertility.”

UFAC products are now available from Southern Farmers. Speak to the purchasing team.