British Aberdeen-Angus beef is a premium offer and a value driver for retailers and food service organisations, but not all Aberdeen-Angus is the same. As a new standard, in collaboration with DNA TRACEBACK® from IdentiGEN, the Sire Verified Aberdeen-Angus Scheme is an initiative promoting the verification of genuine British Aberdeen-Angus products for food suppliers.

“The technology can be used to verify the provenance of not only fresh beef cuts, but also further processed products such as hamburgers, meatballs and lasagnes,” explains Barrie Turner, CEO of The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society.

In working towards this solution, The Society has been collecting tissue samples at farm level since January 2015 and analysing all registered bulls since January 2018, to have DNA profiles available for each bull that is in use on farm, whether it is a commercial or a pedigree-use bull.

“We’ll be working with our partners, IdentiGEN, to continue to further develop this database over the coming months and once fully validated, it can be used in the marketplace to differentiate the product and instil trust in the authenticity of the provenance of British Aberdeen-Angus beef,” he notes.

“Our relationship with IdentiGEN is paramount to the success of this scheme and the future protection of the breed and the brand. We’ll continue with our close working relationship, benefitting from IdentiGEN’s expertise to further protect and conserve the marketplace and premium that we enjoy as Aberdeen-Angus breeders and finishers.”

The new sire verified standard, backed by science, will be made available to processors, retailers, food service organisations and trading standards as an opportunity to monitor their supply chains and deliver truly authentic product, thereby avoiding past issues of paper trails claiming to be such.