One of the UK’s leading soft fruit growers has launched ‘Mini Berries Grown By Hugh Lowe Farms’ in Waitrose and Ocado. The grab-and-go sized punnets contain smaller sweeter strawberries.

These mini heart-shaped strawberries are highly coveted by strawberry fans due to the incredible depth of flavour. You can add them whole to cereal rather than having to spend time preparing and slicing them. They’re particularly beloved by chefs and home-cooking enthusiasts looking to give bakes and patisserie presentation that professional touch with whole perfectly formed strawberries. The Mini Berries can also be ideally positioned as healthy snack for children to take to school or a grab-and-go lunch time treat.

Each recyclable punnet has 125g of class 1 fruit inside, in an easy to eat format perfect for snacking, baking and decorating. Whatever the requirement, the new branded ‘Mini Berries grown by Hugh Lowe Farms’ has wide appeal.

“We’re really pleased to be launching these new Mini Berries into Waitrose and Ocado. The smaller strawberries are very popular and it made sense to offer them as a separate product to our usual offering. These strawberries have been expertly picked, it takes an enormous amount of skill to select them correctly and we’ve got a very experienced team here,” comments Marion Regan, Managing Director of Hugh Lowe Farms.

Mini Berries grown by Hugh Lowe Farms can be ordered from Ocado or found instore or online at Waitrose stores now. Priced at £1 for 125g.

Hugh Lowe Farms is a family run soft fruit farm established over 125 years ago located in Mereworth in Kent, the Garden of England. The farm produces over 5,000 tonnes of fresh berries a year between April and November.