With the UK climate seeing the extremes of both rain and sun over the course of the year, sustainable water management has never been more important to farmers. 

In recent years the UK has seen a sharp rise in the extremity of winter flooding and summer droughts, both of which can have a detrimental impact on the growth of, and ability to maintain crops, as well as making large areas of land unusable for housing livestock.

The reason water management has such a significant effect on crop growth is because the movement of water is directly linked to nutrient loading. Even during standard rainy spells, nutrients can run off from fields on the surface or seep through, sometimes even reaching the groundwater, which can impact soil health. 

To maintain healthy soil for crop growth and prevent erosion, it’s crucial to take measures towards water management; it can make a huge difference in maintaining a sustainable agricultural system that maximises land usage throughout the year.

Professional Building Supplies is a privately owned business that has been supplying specialist building and drainage products across the UK since 2009 and is committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices, making it a leading choice for farming and agriculture businesses across the country.

With the ever-increasing pressures for sustainability across the farming industry and the growing need for effective water management during these periods of adverse weather, it’s important to consider water management options that are designed with sustainability in mind. 

From rainwater harvesting tanks to prepare for the drier months to underground drainage systems, land drain and soakaway products that solve waterlogged fields during the flooding season, Professional Building Supplies offers a wide range of high-quality and sustainable products manufactured with the most up-to-date water management technology, including:

  • Underground drainage components including pipe, fittings, inspection chambers, catchpits, flow controls and silt traps
  • Twinwall drainage, land drains and channel drains
  • Soakaway crates with geotextiles/attenuation tanks with liners
  • Sewage treatment plants and rainwater harvesting systems
  • Extensive specialist range of guttering
  • Diesel storage tanks
  • MDPE pipe and fittings as well as ducting
  • Gate fittings amongst all other ironmongery and fixings/fasteners
  • Corrugated sheets, hygiene sheets, internal decorative cladding and external cladding.

On partnering with Southern Farmers, national sales manager Ben Harmar said: “We’ve been offering building and drainage solutions to the farming industry for almost 15 years, and our expertise in this area has made us the preferred choice for farmers on a variety of different projects. We’re really excited to be teaming up with Southern Farmers to continue providing our wide product range and expert knowledge to farming and agricultural businesses across the South East.”

With a large southern-based stockholding across several depots, including Colchester, Tunbridge Wells and Peterborough, Professional Building Supplies offers next-day nationwide delivery for the majority of its quality product range, making it easy for customers to get the products they need quickly and efficiently. 

All accounts with Professional Building Supplies also come with a dedicated account manager to aid customers with pricing and quotes, as well as offering expert advice. Services such as take-offs and site support are available upon request.

For farming and agriculture businesses looking for high-quality building and drainage products, Professional Building Supplies is the go-to choice. With an extensive range of products and commitment to both sustainability and outstanding customer service, it is the perfect partner for any agricultural project. 

Sewage treatment plants are of particular interest to farmers that aren’t connected to the water mains as they suitably treat sewage water so that it’s clean enough to discharge into a nearby watercourse

Customers can purchase Professional Building Supplies products through Southern Farmers. Head to the website to browse the full product range or get in touch with Ben Harmar to discuss specific requirements.

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Email: ben@profbuild.co.uk