On the farm it is not unusual to be faced with some of the most demanding cleaning tasks. From oil and grease, to mud and animal waste, keeping the site, equipment and machinery in tip top condition can be a challenge.

Following the launch of its popular MH and MC Series of hot and cold pressure washers, Nilfisk has unveiled a new addition to its range.

The compact but high performing MH 3M hot pressure washer has been remodelled and is now fitted with their NA3 pump and motor which means that the machine is now competitively priced in comparison to other mid-range machines on the market.

Ideal for all hot water commercial uses, the MH 3C-90/670 PAX is perfectly suited for smaller farming enterprises who need to clean down machinery and equipment a few times per week.

“Nilfisk has successfully filled a gap in the market with a more reasonably priced hot water machine,” said Gary Fielding, owner of Crawley-based Pressure Clean, which supplies, services and repairs pressure washers and compressors in the London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire areas.

“We have already sold quite a few of them into the agricultural sector and they are proving to be robust mid-range machines. They also include a hose reel and 15 meters of hose as standard, which many customers really appreciate.”

Dedicated to providing farms across the South East of England with a range of pressure washing machines which are both simple to operate but powerful in performance to make the cleaning routine as efficient, economical and easy as possible, Gary is keen to let customers test different machines on their own farm to make sure they are investing in the right tools for their specific applications.

“I like to give people a choice, so if they are looking for a certain size machine I will take a few brands to compare the main features of each,” said Gary. “If they have been used to using a cold machine, they are often curious about what benefits a hot machine can bring and giving them the chance to try it out on their own yard or machinery can really highlight the differences.”

For larger agricultural enterprises, the Nilfisk MH range also includes models such as the MH 4M, MH 5M, MH 6P and the MH 7P for heavy duty and efficient intense use.


Updated and upgraded

It is not just Nilfisk who has been busy updating and upgrading its range of professional pressure washers for the agricultural sector. Building on its popular HD 7/11-4 M Plus machine, Kärcher has released the HD 7/12-4 M St and HD 7/12-4 M Plus, which have both been designed to provide more flow rate and greater pressure.

The HD 7/12-4 M Plus, a powerful, robust and versatile cold water pressure washer, now benefits from improved accessory storage and a redesigned base has been installed to provide more stability and increased manoeuvrability to help with daily operations.

“The HD 7/12-4 M machines really do represent the top of the range cold water machines on the market,” said Gary. “As the biggest 240V pressure washers they are ideal for larger farming operations who need to clean down daily. We find these powerful cold machines tend to be particularly popular with dairy farmers who are cleaning down several times a day.”

Farmers who find that they rarely move their machine can now also take advantage of the HD 7/12-4 M St, which is a stand-alone pump unit that can be wall mounted to save space and simplify operations.

“Traditionally the wall mounted pressure washers used to come in at a much higher cost,” said Gary. “However, technology has come a long way in recent years and Kärcher has worked hard to simplify the mobile machines so that they can be wall mounted cost effectively. Saving floor space is definitely a bonus and it gives people who like to keep their machine in one place another option.”


As well as servicing the agricultural sector, Pressure Clean also looks after a wide range of clients, from local councils to the automotive industry.

Several years ago, Gary started working with leading compressor manufacturers Pneumatic Components Limited (PCL). Having supplied those in the car industry with PCL compressors for many years, Gary is now expanding the range with a number of larger models which are ideally suited for agricultural workshops.

From small, entry level 24-litre and 50-litre capacity models, to larger 100-litre and 500-litre units, the new PCL oil lubricated direct drive twin piston compressor feature a proven and reliable compressor pump, direct driven by a quality electric motor. The models come complete with automatic controls for ease of use and economical operation providing a reliable and robust solution for workshop applications.

“They are versatile machines which can be used for everything from simply pumping up tyres to powering air tools,” said Gary. “As well as supplying the units we also maintain and service the larger compressors annually. Depending on customer requirements we can provide a wider range of tools and accessories.”

All products will be on display on the Pressure Clean stand at the upcoming Farm Expo show on 6 March 2019.