The importance of robust and functional infrastructure cannot be overstated. Kenward has made it the company’s mission to stand at the forefront of agricultural construction, with one recent project, in particular, standing as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to that goal.

Nestled away in the Surrey countryside, one of Kenward’s latest projects is a multifunctional, steel-framed agricultural utility building, custom designed with precision and dedication. 

Stretching an impressive 18m by 25 m and designed to meet the client’s exact specifications, it is a versatile space that can accommodate large machinery such as telehandlers and tractors, offering efficient payload management and exemplifying the Kenward commitment to practical, versatile building solutions.

Nearing completion on time and on budget, this project underscores the company’s ability to deliver both efficient and timely construction without the slightest compromise on quality. 

Efficiency and quality are the pillars upon which Kenward stands, reflecting the company’s dedication to ensuring minimal disruption to clients’ daily operations. Kenward understands the value of time in agriculture, and swift construction ensures that farms can resume full functionality as quickly as possible.

Kenward believes in making clients’ lives easier, which is why its comprehensive, turnkey package is a popular choice among those seeking to elevate their agricultural infrastructure. 

Clients entrust the team with the entire project lifecycle, from inception through the meticulous design phase, the expert construction process and, finally, the seamless handover. This approach simplifies the construction journey for Kenward’s clients, offering them a stress-free and smooth experience by allowing them to place their trust in the expertise of the Kenward team.

Why Kenward is the right choice for agricultural construction

  • Custom design expertise: Kenward specialises in understanding the unique needs of each client, tailoring the right solutions to their exact specifications. No two farms are alike, and the company ensures its constructions reflect this diversity.
  • fficient and effective management: The all-inclusive, turnkey service guarantees a streamlined and effective construction process, reducing hassle and ensuring project milestones are met on time.
  • Durability and quality: Kenward structures are not just built to last; they are built to endure the rigorous demands of agricultural activities. A Kenward building offers long-term reliability and peace of mind.
  • Client-centric focus: At every stage of the project, Kenward prioritises clients’ needs and specifications. Their vision is the blueprint, and the team works tirelessly to bring that vision to life.

Kenward goes beyond constructing buildings and instead elevates agricultural operations. Its bespoke facilities are designed with a single purpose: to support and propel farming activities. Kenward understands that the heart of any farm is its infrastructure and takes pride in playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of farming.

Ready to transform your farm?

If you are considering a specialised agricultural build, look no further. Contact Kenward today and let us help you start to shape your farm’s future. Our expertise, dedication and commitment to excellence are here to make your vision a reality. 

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