With a range of large, mid-range and small heavy-duty industrial vacuums to choose from, long-standing Nilfisk dealer, Pressure Clean, can now help farmers across the South East tackle all manner of jobs, from cleaning out dust-ridden grain stores to sprucing up a muddy tractor cab, in the safest, most efficient way.

Having invested in a new demonstration fleet of Nilfisk vacuums, and benefiting from rigorous training with the manufacturer’s specialists, the team at Pressure Clean can offer site specific advice, while giving operators the chance to compare models, test suction and ensure that they get the right tool for their needs.

“One of the best aspects of the Nilfisk range of industrial vacuums is the ability to customise the units to suit the farm’s individual requirements,” said Gary Fielding, owner of Crawley-based Pressure Clean, which covers the Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire areas. “Farmers can choose from a range of models as well as nozzles, floor attachments, and different diameter hoses to build a suitable accessory kit based on what they will be using the vacuum for.”

Protecting operators

Those looking to make the laborious task of sweeping out the grain store more thorough and efficient can opt for Nilfisk’s ATEX certified series of industrial vacuums, which includes the popular VHS 110 model.

“Grain, animal feed and swarf are all highly combustible dusts and need to be handled with care,” said Gary. “When using an industrial vacuum cleaner, dust clouds can quickly react with the oxygen in the air causing an explosion. The VHS 110 ATEX vacuum from Nilfisk has been designed and thoroughly tested to guarantee safety, protecting operators and preventing the risk of an explosion.”

This compact cleaner is equipped with a brushless motor, to ensure operator safety without compromising on performance and airflow rates. Available in both 240v and 3-Phase, the VHS 110 ATEX benefits from a good capacity, with a 37-litre removable container, which can also be supplied in stainless steel.

For those working with hazardous materials, such as Asbestos, the vacuum cleaner filter is also capable of trapping over 99.995% of dust, and the optional Longopac® endless collection system allows operators to empty the machine without coming into contacted with the collected material.

Farmers and growers looking for a more general purpose vacuum can also choose from Nilfisk’s all-in-one range. The VHS 120 is a powerful wet and dry unit intended for use over long periods. The 50-litre capacity bin means reduced downtime for emptying, and the heavy-duty head attachments allow the machine to collect large quantities of debris as well as liquids.

Alternatively, smaller models such as the VL500-55 or the VL500-75 are ideal, robust units for general yard maintenance, cleaning out barns and workshops, and keeping the tractor cab tidy.

“The vacuums are very versatile and can really help make any agricultural cleaning job more efficient,” said Gary. “Packhouses, for instance, will find the VHS 120 particularly useful for cleaning leaves and other deposits from conveyor belts at the end of a shift. There is even a unit designed for wineries which can recover acidic liquids. The Nilfisk vacuums are simple plug in and go systems, which are proven and reliable. Not everyone will need an ATEX unit, or a large machine, and our demonstration fleet has been put together to show farmers the diverse array of options and potential applications.”

Upgrading for better results

Alongside the range of vacuums, Pressure Clean remains committed to providing farms with a range of pressure washing machines which are simple to operate but powerful in performance.

“On the farm, it is not unusual to be faced with some of the most demanding cleaning tasks,” said Gary. “From oil and grease, to mud and animal waste, keeping the site, equipment and machinery in tip top condition can be a challenge and over the last 12 months we have noticed a huge number of farmers upgrading from cold to hot pressure washers to tackle dirt in a more efficient way.”

Launched onto the market last year, the MH 3C-90/670 PAX from Nilfisk has proven to be the farmers’ favourite as this 240v, mid-range machine comes complete with 15-metres of high pressure hose fitted to a built-in storage reel as standard.
“Customers often tell me how easy they find the machine to use,” said Gary. “The controls are very accessible, there is cable storage and the wheels are robust enough for frequently transporting it around the yard. The EcoPower boiler is 92% efficient too and the chemical facility also makes the process more economical.”

For larger operations, the MH 5M offers a heavy-duty 240v or 3-Phase powered pump, with an option to upgrade to a 20-metre high pressure hose reel. Also fitted with the ultra-efficient EcoPower boiler, the MH 5M is ideal for anyone looking to sanitise or steam clean.

“Unlike other hot pressure washers on the market, the Nilfisk boiler gets to 60°C within 30 seconds which reduces fuel consumption,” said Gary. “The MH 5M also benefits from twin chemical options and low oil sensors are fitted as standard.”
As well as expanding its offering, Pressure Clean has also been increasing its busy team, training up another on-the-road engineer and recruiting a marketing, website and social media manager.