Visitors flocked once again to this year’s Heathfield Agricultural Show to experience all that is good and great about the High Weald area.

The livestock area was buzzing on show day, with competition stiff, Nicola and Rob Osgood and Tremayne’s Marne Sweetpea winning the Supreme Beef Championship and Maggie Howie’s Douglas’s Corafamous winning the Supreme Dairy Championship. 

Lizzie Sargeant with her Southdown won the Supreme Sheep Championship and Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer won the Pig Championship with their Welsh pig. Young handlers were well represented in all age groups and sections in a reassuring nod to the future of farming. 

Due to step down at the end of August, Heathfield Show Secretary Nicola Magill said: “After 10 years of helping to organise the Heathfield Show I would like to thank everybody who has attended the show, be it visitors, exhibitors, competitors or volunteers.

“Everybody helps to make the day a memorable occasion and an important event in the local calendar. Keeping the agricultural heritage of the region alive and thriving is an important aspect that the show council hopes to help maintain into the future, and this year’s show was no exception. 

“My favourite area of the show is around the livestock, so I was pleased at how well supported we were this year in the cattle, sheep and pig areas, making for healthy competition and a great spectacle to watch.”

Next year’s Heathfield Agricultural Show will be held on Saturday 25 May 2024.