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We must stand up for ourselves

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 23/02/18
I accept there are individuals who don’t like killing animals for food, but there are large numbers of misguided individuals who think they can save the planet by surviving on soya.

Drivers will still give me the finger

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 26/01/18
I am familiar with how stressed other road users forced to queue behind me can become.

Quietly optimistic

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 26/01/18
No sooner had I written the article for January and the weather changed.

‘Miracle’ shipments of malting barley

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 26/01/18
Canola and oilseed have taken a further hit on price since Christmas.

Measuring how sheep show pain in their faces

Writers Alan West Last edited 26/01/18
At this time of year our eyes are probably the most important tool in our arsenal and the closer we come to lambing, the more essential they become.

Threat of increased employment costs

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 26/01/18
A rather heavy headline this month but one that is going to cost growers an enormous amount!

Gove won’t stand up for our industry

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 26/01/18
Down here in West Sussex we are just about to start spring calving.

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