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Best arable farms under direct assault

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 26/03/18
The threat of a flat cap on payments at £100,000 is a challenge.

Parliament boosts UK wheat market

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 26/03/18
The best quality malting produced in the last two years was planted in the last few days of March and early April.

Students rally round for lambing

Writers Alan West Last edited 23/03/18
In reality, the lambs didn’t seem to mind the snow: some of the fi rst born even seemed to enjoy rushing around and playing in it.

Bovine TB turns hopes to ashes

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 23/03/18
Huskies have increasingly become a species of choice as pets in the UK, and show a predilection for attacking sheep and even cattle.

Ploughing will be back after any glyphosate ban

Writers Last edited 26/03/18
The plough is remarkably effective at burying many problems.

Farmers enjoyed positive media in the snow

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 23/03/18
Our cattle were melodramatic, acting as if they had been stranded in the desert for days when actually the troughs had merely stopped working overnight.

Governments should not ignore scientific evidence

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 23/02/18
On the farming front there is little to report.

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