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Sending cull cows to an abattoir is more humane

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 30/05/17
Hailsham market has an excellent reputation for realising prices which compare well with the top prices in the country.

Look where the EU referendum got Cameron

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 30/05/17
What is also interesting is that I thought that it was only the South East and Kent in particular that was dry but having spoken to farmers from Devon to Yorkshire, the dry conditions have extended across most of the country.

Beware of rubber necking

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 30/05/17
Just how dangerous rubber necking one’s neighbouring farmers’ crops can be was brought home to me a few years ago.

US wheat crop enjoying good growing conditions

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 30/05/17
Much needed rain in the second week of May has provided some considerable relief for crops.

Passwords are a modern obsession

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 30/05/17
I phoned the basic payment scheme helpline because my password stopped working and they were pleasantly helpful.

Here’s my manifesto

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 30/05/17
I challenge anybody with half a brain to explain to me how the economy will work when the financiers, the risk takers, the entrepreneurs and the large employers have all fled the country.

Dogs spread mayhem and disease

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 02/05/17
The professional dog walking brigade turn up regularly, open their boot and release up to half a dozen mostly out of control mixed allsorts.

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