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We must stop dodgy cattle movements

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 30/07/18
I grew up in the days when the Ministry of Agriculture was supportive and had a policy of encouraging home food production and UK farmers.

Brexiteers have little room for domestic agriculture

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 27/07/18
I simply have to start with the weather: here we are on 19 July and it has not rained since last month’s article, which actually means the last rain to fall on our farms in Kent was 29 May.

A dry summer never broke a farmer

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 27/07/18
The great relief of this year is that we have only had a summer drought.

Warning from history there for all to see

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 27/07/18
Well wonders will never cease! First England reached the semi final of the World Cup and UK wheat futures are trading at record high prices.

Time to take a break

Writers Alan West Last edited 27/07/18
After family, Hadlow College has enabled me to indulge my two main passions in life: agriculture and sheep in particular, and agricultural education.

Why can’t we recycle like the French?

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 27/07/18
Given that the amount of rubbish emanating from both sides of the house at Westminster is enormous, one could assume that there must be a few experts on the topic.

It felt as if I’d been shot

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 27/07/18
The escaped sheep knew her way back to her companions through a wood shaw and around a dried up pond.

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