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An extra “Fox” in the fold

Writers Alan West Last edited 07/08/17
To me weaning is when I can finally calculate my true lambing percentage.

Gove must reward farmers for the food they grow

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 07/08/17
Quite how Mr Gove proposes to improve environmental protection is hard to imagine.

Benefits for pollinators will be lost

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 07/08/17
As predicted, an early harvest has arrived and in my working lifetime 7 July for cutting oilseed rape is a first.

There are still huge prices for feed wheat

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 07/08/17
The old saying is “rain makes grain.” But you could now add to that “and then it ruins it again.”

These questions need answers

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 07/08/17
The grass is growing and our sheep look well.

Brexit report says enhance food security

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 07/08/17
“Harmony in food and farming”.

Harvest will be 10 days early

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 30/06/17
Clearly there is an agriculture bill with little detail beyond the commitment to support agriculture to the same degree.

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