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Have farmers’ markets had their day?

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 27/11/17
To my great shame I can’t claim to be a regular shopper at farmers’ markets.

Ethanol production is the key

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 27/11/17
Ethanol production really is key to keeping the market tight.

This farming life made men of us

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 27/11/17
When one has as many miles on the clock as my generation does, the end of this month (December) doubtless stirs many thoughts, memories and emotions.

Alternatives to pesticide control don’t exist

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 27/11/17
Late drilled crops have made up well and present a good looking crop for the time of year

Region’s new housing not supported

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 27/11/17
Is it really wise to build so many houses in the South East when the infrastructure to support these developments just isn’t adequate?

The Amsterdam Produce Show – wow!

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 27/11/17
The event had quite an impressive recipe for success.

Too many are dragging up the past

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 27/11/17
For every £100 that is made in the UK, 70 pence goes overseas on foreign aid and we pay pro rata three times more than the rest of the world.

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