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That time of year again

Writers Last edited 25/05/18
I know that the Australians have done some work on robotic shearing – without a great deal of success from what I have seen.

Working together is always better

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 05/06/18
Last week I spent a day talking about pear trees, pear pests, pear bins and pear storage, for a fruit nerd like me it was heaven.

Cover cropping and direct drilling are not for me

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 25/05/18
The roller coaster weather of this spring just keeps on giving.

We will all soldier on

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 25/05/18
I have just reached the age of 59, which makes me the average age of a UK farmer.

Perhaps I should take up fortune telling

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 25/05/18
Flour millers seem to have been sleep walking into a situation where all wheat supplies have been diminishing.

Royal wedding should make eating lamb trendy

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 25/05/18
We had visions of buying a mobile cattle handling system which would have been extremely useful, benefi ting our cattle welfare.

Millennials have little or no ambition

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 25/05/18
In my youth, I don’t remember having expensive mobile phones, tattoos from base camp to breakfast time, decent cars and holidays galore.

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