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Acres in the low Weald

Property Last edited 26/01/18
BTF Partnership is offering for sale 58.37 acres of Grade III agricultural land just to the north of the village of High Halden in an area of Kent known as the Low Weald.

Useful outbuildings

Property Last edited 21/12/17
Rices Farm is midway between the villages of Hambledon and Chiddingfold in Surrey.

End of year property review

Property Last edited 27/11/17
Property experts from across the region look back across the year.

Unique Wealden oast

Property Last edited 27/11/17
BTF Partnership is offering for sale the unique opportunity to convert a post WW2 oast building.

Grassland farm with views over South Downs

Property Last edited 30/10/17
Springham Farm is a grassland farm in East Sussex with a range of agricultural and commercial buildings, 229 acres of land and views towards the South Downs.

Mix of pasture, arable and woodland

Property Last edited 30/10/17
Finn’s is selling part of Barfrestone Court Farm, Dover comprising two large arable fields with woodland.

Diverse mixed use farm

Property Last edited 30/10/17
Dawes Farm in Warnham, West Sussex, is a diverse mixed use farm with 411 acres just 35 miles from London.

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