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Bacteria development marks new era in cellular design

News Last edited 11/12/17
Scientists at the universities of Kent and Bristol have built a miniature scaffold inside bacteria that can be used to bolster cellular productivity, with implications for the next generation of biofuel production.

Farming charity send out 650+ hampers

News Last edited 05/12/17
R.A.B.I issues Christmas hampers to farming people in hardship.

Bringing technical learning to life

News Last edited 27/11/17
A biennial event for young people in the fruit industry, the Under 40’s Fruit Growers’ Conference has this year celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Farmers need more help on agro forestry

News John Harvey Last edited 27/11/17
Government policies are discouraging farmers from starting agroforestry projects which can benefit animal welfare and help the environment.

Kent fruit estate to be sold

News John Harvey Last edited 27/11/17
Farmcare is to sell a fruit growing business in Kent as it quits “operational farming” and turns to joint venture arrangements instead.

Water company pays farmers to stop pollution

News John Harvey Last edited 27/11/17
Thames Water is paying up to £20,000 per farm to cut the amount of phosphorus lost from fields and farmyards to watercourses.

Farmers charged for services they don’t receive

News John Harvey Last edited 27/11/17
More than 900 farmers in the Thames Water supply area are being incorrectly invoiced for trough and field supplies and septic tanks.

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