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British Wool provides long term support for sheep farmers

Livestock Last edited 05/06/18
British Wool is focused on two key deliverables for sheep farmers – the price returned to producers for their wool, and the levels of service delivered.

Warm weather increases fly risk

Livestock Last edited 05/06/18
Nutritional scour in sheep and lambs grazing lush spring grass could lead to an increased risk from blowfly strike, according to Zoetis vet Dave Armstrong.

Forage protein potential

Livestock Last edited 05/06/18
Forage protein potential highlighted in five-year research programme.

Pasture for Life milk certification launched

Livestock Last edited 17/05/18
The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) has started to certify UK dairy farms producing milk from cows that are only fed fresh and conserved grass and pasture. They are never given any cereal feed or grains throughout their lives.

Keeping pigs in their comfort zone

Livestock Last edited 14/05/18
A new method of comparing the environmental performance of pig houses has been devised by Staffordshire-based ARM Buildings.

Kiwikit launch Flashmate to UK beef market

Livestock Last edited 02/05/18
A new heat detection product, FlashMate, is now available to UK beef farmers, and promises to improve timing of inseminations across the herd to see an increase in conception rates.

Undersow arable silage to boost 2018 forage

Livestock Last edited 20/04/18
Livestock producers should consider growing an arable silage and grass mixture to boost forage this summer and autumn, according to DLF Seeds.

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