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Milk samples could contribute to disease surveillance

Livestock Last edited 09/08/18
Milk from bulk storage tanks could be used for foot-and-mouth disease testing.

New treatment for coccidiosis in beef calves

Livestock Last edited 08/08/18
With coccidiosis in beef calves an increasing issue, a product used for the treatment of coccidiosis in pigs, horses and dairy cattle has now been licensed for use in beef.

Overcoming forage shortfalls

Livestock Last edited 06/08/18
Post-drought patience will pay longer term forage dividends.

Higher dairy returns now at risk

Livestock Last edited 06/08/18
An annual Dairy Costings Focus, which shows how milk prices – and therefore farm returns – have improved sharply over the past year, but higher feed costs pose a risk.

Dairy farmers urged to safeguard the next generation

Livestock Last edited 30/07/18
90% of pathogens are transmitted to calves in the first hours of life.

Autumn block calving on the rise

Livestock Last edited 13/07/18
The number of farmers switching to autumn block calving has risen, with potentially more to follow.

Risks of reintroducing lynx in the UK

Livestock Last edited 13/07/18
One year on from the initial licence application by the Lynx UK Trust to reintroduce lynx to the British countryside, the National Sheep Association (NSA) is reemphasising the risks granting this licence would bring.

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