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Farmers reaping rewards from multi-cut

Livestock Last edited 20/04/18
Dairy farmers adopting a progressive multi-cut approach to silage making are reaping the benefits through improved forage quality, according to a recent UK-wide survey carried out by Germinal and Volac.

Competition to zap bugs on screen – and on the farm

Livestock Last edited 20/04/18
A lethal disease is re-emerging as a serious problem among Europe’s pig herds.

Plan now for pre-first cut weed control

Livestock Last edited 06/04/18
Recent cold, wet weather has extended winter housing periods and will delay turnout of livestock in many places.

Top tips for smallholders to eradicate worms

Livestock Last edited 26/03/18
Kernfarm offers top tips for poultry smallholders on how to eradicate worms, which can cause weight loss, reduced productivity and even death.

Whole turkeys on the increase

Livestock Last edited 15/12/17
Surge in whole turkeys replacing crowns for Christmas.

Upgraded milk price tool

Livestock Last edited 06/12/17
Upgraded milk price tool makes it easier to understand impact of system change on farmers’ incomes.

New TB advisory service

Livestock Last edited 29/09/17
Cattle keepers will have specialist advice from a TB advisory service to be launched this autumn.

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