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Get set for juicy British strawberries this summer

Fruit Last edited 25/05/18
This summer, strawberries are sure to take the centre stage on supermarket shelves.

Diversification is key for family-owned Kent fruit farm

Fruit Last edited 02/05/18
Fruit farming has been in the Nightingale family’s blood for 70 years.

Pioneering a pack house for the future

Fruit Victoria Rose Last edited 30/10/17
Fifth generation grower Ben Bardsley is steadily progressing a five stage development plan to ensure the business remains profitable.

New chair for British Growers

NewsFruit Last edited 11/09/17
Director of Produce World, Jason Burgess, to chair British Growers

British growers at disadvantage

Fruit Victoria Rose Last edited 07/08/17
“Unlike other sectors, fresh produce has not benefitted from direct subsidies."

Views and results of biostimulant in fruit

Fruit Last edited 01/06/17
Fruit specialist agronomist Nigel Kitne is waiting to fully assess the benefits of the biostimulant Cultigrow CBL on fruit in the UK.

Diagnosing tomato root mat disease

Fruit Last edited 15/03/17
A new diagnostic technique has been developed to identify tomato root mat disease infection in young tomato plants, enabling growers to respond before symptoms become severe.

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