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Delivering a temporary home

Features Sarah Calcutt Last edited 30/05/17
If growers want their fruit and vegetables harvested quickly and effi ciently, they should think seriously about providing workers with the best possible accommodation.

Event brings thousands of schoolchildren to showground

Features Last edited 30/05/17
The Carr family from East Sussex have had a long association with the South of England Show. In this special feature, we talk to cousins Mary Masters and Michael Carr about their memories of the show from its beginnings right up to the present.

World class sparkling wine

Features John Harvey Last edited 30/05/17
Charles and Ruth Simpson wrote their winemaking business plan while living in an ex KGB building on the banks of the Caspian Sea.

Rural building design and planning

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 02/05/17
The award winning Price Whitehead offers rural building design and planning consultancy and provides architectural services.

National recognition

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 02/05/17
Farming is an increasingly complex business that tends to be carried out these days by smaller and smaller teams.

All credit to Southern Farmers

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 02/05/17
The buying group has a comprehensive list of suppliers that results in members paying discounted prices on virtually any product.

Farmhouse featured on top TV show

Features John Harvey Last edited 02/05/17
In January, Les Hanwell and Caroline Davenport came down from the North East to run a brewery on a Berkshire farm. With help from friends, neighbours and the farm’s previous owners, they have had to learn on the job. But only a few months on, the couple are more confident that they will succeed.

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