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Children keen to take on businesses

Features John Harvey Last edited 21/12/17
Nestling in the village of West Ilsley in Berkshire are Rowles Farm and Place Farm, run by brothers Peter and David Carlisle.

ReMOOving the old, in with the new

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 21/12/17
Founders were encouraged to take on a milking machine agency which would soon become the core of the specialist dairy business.

Operating under one roof

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 27/11/17
The future for Scorpion Engineering Construction and D + D Construction looks exceptionally promising as both brands settle into their new home in Glynde, East Sussex. The newly integrated team is keen to drive both brands forward by providing the high-quality products and good service both Scorpion and D + D customers have become accustomed to over the years.

Branching out

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 27/11/17
Could new markets coming to fruition in the South East of England be the dawning of a new era for woodland management across the region? In this 13-page special feature, South East Farmer considers whether farmers and landowners could now find the figures for felling stacking up and what other value can be added to woodland through active management.

Farm aims to let cover crops do everything

Features John Harvey Last edited 27/11/17
David Miller and the four partners who make up Wheatsheaf Farming in Hampshire have a vision to move the business off the chemical treadmill which the farming industry has been on for 40 years. Cover crops and no till are the cornerstones of a system which is starting to make some good savings.

Celebrating 70 years

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 30/10/17
From Bernard ‘Dick’ Harmer’s 1962 Fordson Dexta to a modern fleet of New Hollands, technological advances in the agricultural machinery sector have helped facilitate the business development and expansion of Harmer and Sons over the past 70 years.

Just in time for harvest

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 30/10/17
"In a harvest such as this year where the window of opportunity is quite narrow, the new store has given us the ability to crack on..."

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