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Strong growth habit dictates OSR success

Arable Last edited 04/07/17
Getting OSR up and away in the autumn is critical to the success of the crop, claims Lee Bennett, head of seeds for Openfield.

Mite and pest attacks in stored grain

Arable Last edited 29/06/17
The most common pest of stored cereals and rape seed – can be controlled by treating store fabric.

Willingness to change is key to black-grass battle

Arable Last edited 29/06/17
Admitting there is a problem and being willing to change farm practices accordingly is essential if growers are to get ahead of troublesome black-grass.

Online Seed Selector assisting growers with varietal selection

Arable Last edited 28/06/17
With so many varieties of wheat, barley and oilseed rape on the AHDB Recommended List it can be hard for the grower to identify those that are best likely to perform on their farm. Assessing its market appeal can be even harder. To support growers through this maize of varieties Openfield has created an online programme which allows the grower to identify the best varieties based on the criteria listed by the user.

‘Side effects’ could be root to better crop health

Arable Last edited 16/06/17
Wheat growers have a new opportunity to boost crop health from germination onwards by making use of ‘beneficial side effects’ of latest fungicide technology, research suggests.

Survey confirms high levels of TuYV infection in oilseed rape crops across the UK

Arable Last edited 16/06/17
Oilseed rape yields could be impacted this season as levels of TuYV infection are confirmed to be as high as 100% in some sites, and generally indicate high levels of infection across most of the country, according to plant breeders Limagrain UK.

Stop Chocolate spots for clean beans

Arable Last edited 16/06/17
Bean growers should be alert to risks of Chocolate spot spreading in humid weather conditions.

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