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Calls to relax farming rules in drought

News Last edited 08/08/18
The South East has experienced record-low levels of rainfall. For example, parts of the Thames Valley area received 3mm of rainfall during June, which is just 6% of the Long Term Average (LTA).

Start walking maize for quality forage

Arable Last edited 08/08/18
The combination of the drought and a swing to early varieties mean the maize harvest is likely to be significantly earlier, making it essential to start walking crops as soon as possible.

Potato plantings down 3% amid extreme weather conditions ​

Arable Last edited 07/08/18
The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) estimates that the total area in Great Britain planted with potatoes is 119,000 hectares(ha), a fall of 3% on the previous year.

New multipurpose fungicide for speciality crops

Arable Last edited 07/08/18
BASF are launching a new multipurpose fungicide for speciality crops – Perseus. Perseus contains two highly effective fungicides.

BASF obtains High Court judgment

News Last edited 06/08/18
BASF obtains High Court judgment against director of Harvest Agrochemicals Ltd in passing off case.

Overcoming forage shortfalls

Livestock Last edited 06/08/18
Post-drought patience will pay longer term forage dividends.

OSR Herbicides? Think Water update

News Last edited 06/08/18
As OSR herbicides are vital to growing a profitable OSR crop it’s important that stewardship steps are followed this season to help protect water and the actives themselves.

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