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Creep feed suckler calves or risk extended finishing and higher costs

Livestock | Last edited 13/02/15
Failing to creep feed suckler calves can substantially cut performance and profitability, claims KW nutritionist Sean Roddy, with finishing times extended by up to six weeks and significantly increased lifetime feed requirements.

Local vet services must not be disadvantaged under new bTB testing delivery regime

Livestock | Last edited 17/02/15
Changes to the way bovine TB testing is delivered in England should not result in farmers having to pay towards testing costs if they want to keep using their own vets, the NFU said yesterday.

Agricultural renewable energy event sees record numbers of farmers through the doors

News | Last edited 17/02/15
More farmers and landowners than ever came through the doors at this year’s Energy Now Expo.

Wurzels re-record ‘Combine Harvester’ song to highlight toll of farm accidents

News | Alice Dyer Last edited 17/02/15
Rural musicians The Wurzels have joined forces with The Farm Safety Foundation to create an unconventional farm safety video aimed at encouraging farmers to commit to being safer and more professional on the farm.

Industry confidence in distillery feeds is growing

Livestock | Last edited 13/02/15
Industry figures are suggesting that confidence in distillery feeds is building, with increased amounts fed in 2014 compared to the corresponding period in 2013.

UK sheep meat production forecast to reach 2009 levels

News | Last edited 13/02/15
The amount of sheep meat available for consumption on the domestic market is set to rise again in 2015, according to the latest forecasts from AHDB/EBLEX.

Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Coop Group (Switzerland) Score Top Marks in Global Benchmark on Animal

Livestock | Last edited 13/02/15
Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Coop Group have been given top marks in a global annual farm animal welfare Business Benchmark report, with Burger King, Mars and Müller among 21 companies languishing at the bottom of the league table.

Oxford based farming charity’s big break(fast)

News | Last edited 13/02/15
To celebrate the end of Farmhouse Breakfast Week (24 – 31 January), the Oxford-based Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I.), invited staff from local businesses to start the day with a cooked breakfast on Friday 6 January.