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Addicted to Sheep

Alice's Blog | Alice Dyer Last edited 09/02/16
Aired for the first time nationally, Addicted to Sheep is a brutally honest feature length film documenting the highs and lows of an upland tenant farm.

I’m sceptical about global warming

Writers | Monica Akehurst Last edited 01/02/16
The words of the song “Slip Slidin’ Away” spring to mind, although it was probably referring to romance and not mud.

Bluetongue moving closer to the Channel

Writers | Alan West Last edited 01/02/16
Incomplete and/or unreliable data does make effective market forecasting difficult

Osborne won’t stand up for British agriculture

Writers | Kevin Attwood Last edited 01/02/16
Rabbit damage on oilseed crops has been significant in places

British farmers don’t cooperate

Writers | Stephen Carr Last edited 01/02/16
I was reminded of just how resistant we are to the cooperative mentality at a recent NFU dinner.

Prevention rather than cure will be key to 2016 winter wheat margins

Arable | Last edited 01/02/16
Adopting a preventative approach to disease control could be crucial

Tree house and farm shop

Property | Last edited 01/02/16
Lodge Farm is a 6.1 acre site currently operated as a farm shop and vintage tearooms, on the market with White & Sons.

College offers exciting growth opportunities

Features | Alice Dyer Last edited 01/02/16
The new principal at Plumpton College shows us round and explains what the curriculum has to offer students in the twenty first century.