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Reliable, no-nonsene equipment with high level of service

Features | Last edited 02/09/14
Top end tractors may be impressive, but they are more expensive to buy and are often too complex to be worked on in the field with a few basic tools.

Beware the rise in buzzard numbers

Writers | Kevin Attwood Last edited 02/09/14
Last month we certainly started with an early harvest but that has slipped a bit with the remnants of Hurricane Bertha and the showery weather that has followed on.

Hampshire hosts national event

News | Last edited 02/09/14
Hampshire will host this year’s British National Ploughing Championships when the event takes place at Wootton St Lawrence, near Basingstoke on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 October.

Dairy industry slams tabloid’s misleading claims

Alice's Blog | Alice Dyer Last edited 02/09/14
It would appear that the Daily Mail, or the Daily Fail shall we call it, has again done it again and this time with the farming industry baring the brunt.

MPs drink at the taxpayers’ expense

Writers | Richard Wood Last edited 02/09/14
Farming can be a lonely profession and it is always a pleasure to observe how many folk attend on market days at Ashford

Black grass favours damaged soils

Arable | Alice Dyer Last edited 02/09/14
If black grass is not managed appropriately, the weed will eventually mainly be biotypes which are resistant to herbicides.

Aim to get rid of lameness

News | John Harvey Last edited 02/09/14
Lameness is right at the top of sheep farmers’ concerns. An animal suffering from lameness is less able to graze and compete for feed. The consequences include a decline in body condition, lower lambing percentage, lower lamb birth weight, reduced growth rate in lambs, reduced milk production and lower fertility in rams and reduced wool growth. South East Farmer asks how effective treatments for lameness are.

Council tries to stop farm contracting

News | John Harvey Last edited 02/09/14
Ashford borough council in Kent is trying to stop a farmer’s contracting business because too many lorries are being used.