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Farm used as a beef unit

Property | Last edited 06/07/15
A grade two listed farm set down a long driveway with about 130 acres in Wealden countryside has a range of modern and period farm buildings.

Imaginative approach to tricky challenges

Features | Malcolm Triggs Last edited 06/07/15
A new workshop on the outskirts of Ashford in Kent was designed and built by Page Surveyors working with contractors led by Wealden AM.

Suppliers must be trained to use groceries code

Writers | Sarah Calcutt Last edited 06/07/15
There is more awareness of the groceries code, how to interpret it and the correct way to go about addressing concerns with retailer teams.

Pursuing a career in farming

Alice's Blog | Alice Dyer Last edited 06/07/15
This month I have been chatting to young farmers from around the country to see what advice they can offer any readers that are hoping to pursue a career in farming

NHS should examine its biscuit budget

Writers | Richard Wood Last edited 06/07/15
Research has shown that public sector employees are 24% more likely to be off work than their private sector counterparts.

Under 40s fruit growers conference

Events | Last edited 06/07/15
A highly regarded professor inspired a major improvement in the fruit industry’s knowledge base as the result of an insight that had very little to do with horticulture and everything to do with human nature.

Good time to end milk quotas

Features | John Harvey Last edited 06/07/15
On the end of the farmhouse wall at Kingston Hill Farm in Oxfordshire is a plaque. It is from the old Countryside Commission, and congratulates Poul Christensen for combining conservation with a successful dairy farm. Today, the 1,320 acre business – which is mostly rented from St Johns College, Oxford – is run by Poul’s son David, who has lost none of his father’s enthusiasm for keeping an eye on profit and the environment.

Public sees organic farm

Events | Last edited 06/07/15
On Sunday 7 June, Chegworth Valley in Kent opened the farm gates to more than 170 visitors as part of Open Farm Sunday.