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Demand for bigger geese this Christmas

News | Last edited 12/12/17
Goose producers are reporting a strong demand with orders well up on this time last year.

Bacteria development marks new era in cellular design

News | Last edited 11/12/17
Scientists at the universities of Kent and Bristol have built a miniature scaffold inside bacteria that can be used to bolster cellular productivity, with implications for the next generation of biofuel production.

Upgraded milk price tool

Livestock | Last edited 06/12/17
Upgraded milk price tool makes it easier to understand impact of system change on farmers’ incomes.

Farming charity send out 650+ hampers

News | Last edited 05/12/17
R.A.B.I issues Christmas hampers to farming people in hardship.

End of year property review

Property | Last edited 27/11/17
Property experts from across the region look back across the year.

Green Gove wants more bureaucracy

Writers | Alan West Last edited 27/11/17
“Some lamb losses are inevitable but 15% is a fi gure I do not feel comfortable with.”

Have farmers’ markets had their day?

Writers | Stephen Carr Last edited 27/11/17
To my great shame I can’t claim to be a regular shopper at farmers’ markets.

Ethanol production is the key

Writers | Elved Philips Last edited 27/11/17
Ethanol production really is key to keeping the market tight.