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Cow leaves doctor in a heap of straw

Writers | Monica Akehurst Last edited 23/02/18
The doctor excitedly told me about a course she had just completed in acupuncture and proclaimed that she could help Bluebell.

We must stand up for ourselves

Writers | Richard Wood Last edited 23/02/18
I accept there are individuals who don’t like killing animals for food, but there are large numbers of misguided individuals who think they can save the planet by surviving on soya.

Growers to be hit by increased labour costs

News | John Harvey Last edited 23/02/18
Growers will be charged the cost of recruiting workers and transporting them from their home countries in plans being developed by regulators.

Grant fund opens to applicants

News | John Harvey Last edited 23/02/18
Sussex Lund, the grant programme established by Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin, has opened for 2018 applications.

Water company should pay for billing mistake

News | John Harvey Last edited 23/02/18
Fruit grower Peter Gray is demanding compensation from a water company which billed him for services he does not receive.

New chairman starts schools campaign

News | John Harvey Last edited 23/02/18
Kent young farmer Lynsey Martin is the new chairman of The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC), representing 25,000 members and 48 county groups in England and Wales.

Rain lifts threat of water curbs

News | John Harvey Last edited 23/02/18
January rainfall has lifted the threat of restrictions on farmers and growers taking water to fill winter storage reservoirs.

No new powers to tackle supermarket abuse

News | John Harvey Last edited 23/02/18
Government ministers have decided against extending the powers of the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) to clamp down on abuses in the food chain.