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A shepherds dream

Livestock | Alice Dyer Last edited 20/01/15
Alpacas have been used as successful fox deterrents on farms around the world for many years.

Support dairy farmers in crisis

News | Alice Dyer Last edited 20/01/15
Whether you’re a milk lover who downs it by the gallon, or somebody that enjoys the occasional splash in their morning tea, please support the British dairy industry

The coming year holds much hope for British sheep farmers

Livestock | Last edited 14/01/15
Wool prices and clearance rates in the latter half of 2014 were strong and demand remains to be forthright for all classes of wool being sold.

Courts must make subsidies fairer

Writers | Stephen Carr Last edited 08/01/15
Just where Welsh farming is headed, given that a group of farmers from that principality has successfully challenged the Welsh Assembly’s proposals for common agricultural policy reform through the law courts, is now anyone’s guess.

From Russia with love

Writers | Elved Philips Last edited 08/01/15
As we enter 2015 it is worth noting that Russia has provided most of the fun in grain trading in the last year.

Try challenging sheep on feed

Writers | Alan West Last edited 08/01/15
Welcome to 2015. I hope that the year has started well for you all. Once we get into the new year, thoughts of sheep producers really do begin to focus on preparation for the lambing, which, for many, will be just two or three months away, for a few, even less.

Stability returns after difficult summer

Livestock | Last edited 08/01/15
Looking back at 2014 we have had a difficult trading year particularly in the cattle ring where following the exceptional high prices of 2013, 2014 saw prices fall and many producers losing confidence in finishing cattle.

Farming problems, the same the world over it seems

Writers | Sarah Calcutt Last edited 08/01/15
This edition of SEF is an interesting one. My contributions have been interesting to put together and have given me further insight into the developments of several local companies who have moved away from their core business into other profit centres.